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Recreate a feminine loft-style room at home

Recreate a feminine loft-style room at home

A loft style and a feminine atmosphere can perfectly coexist on condition of precisely mixing the decor. Rough walls and metal furniture rub shoulders with colorful bed linen and soft materials. Accuracy is essential, so to avoid the misstep, follow the guide!

An artist studio glass roof

Artist's workshop To give your room a real loft spirit, you must first open the rooms. For this, we install a large canopy that will separate it from the living room while letting in light. Opaque or transparent glass, it's up to you.

Graphic bed linen

3 Suisses To be in the trend, but keep a little feminine side, we offer graphic and colorful bed linen. To keep the loft spirit, why not just bet on beige or brown pillowcases?

An industrial lamppost

AM PM Who says loft, necessarily says a large industrial floor lamp. To stay sober in the bedroom, we opt for an all black model that we will place just next to the bed like a bedside lamp.

A large metal stool

Tolix In a room with an industrial look, no need for a bedside table. It is this large metal stool that takes care of all our books and our precious alarm clock in the morning.

A fluffy bathrobe

Becquet The advantage of the loft style is that everything is exposed to become a decorative element in its own right. So no question of displaying a faded bathrobe, we choose it chic and feminine in purple or dark pink tones.

Hanging light bulbs

Muuto We love them for their airy and completely designer sideā€¦ hanging bulbs also have a small effect in a loft and feminine bedroom. They are rather installed everywhere than grouped in the center of the room, to create a more intimate and cozy atmosphere.

A retro alarm clock

Thank you Ginette If you like the loft style, it is because you necessarily love to hunt for objects that are already several years old. A vintage alarm clock unearthed on a flea market will set the tone when placed on your metal stool.

A cozy carpet

Maisons du Monde The feminine touch of a loft bedroom goes through the fitting of a large sober carpet (gray, beige, black) and cozy. Love at first sight for this model that is easily installed at the end of the bed.

Feminine cushions

La Redoute A few pink or purple cushions are sure to reveal the feminine side of your room with industrial decor. They will warm the atmosphere without overdoing it.