White bricks take over the walls

White bricks take over the walls

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In parallel with the trend of red brick walls, highly prized for its "American loft" side, white brick walls are experiencing an increase in all rooms of the house. A trend that is both contemporary and refined, to follow closely.

A white brick wall in the living room

Goal ### Head for the design attitude! In this living room where aesthetics are in the spotlight, we bet on a game of contrast between the perpendicular walls, both of brick. One is silver, as a chic note in the decor, the other is white as if to illuminate the room.

A white brick wall in the hallway

Castorama ### In this corridor, we wanted to keep the bricks spirit in a pure state. Also, rather than bleaching them by painting them, they have been sanded. The rendering is authentic and natural!

A white brick wall in the child's room

Goal ### There is a retro air in this child's room, like a wind of nostalgia reminiscent of the decorations of yesteryear. Palette of soft colors, wooden furniture and… an old brick wall repainted in white! Everything is there.

A white brick wall in the office

Leroy Merlin ### For lovers of the industrial style revisited modern version, the other option if you do not have a brick wall, is to bet on the facing tiles, a beautiful imitation of white bricks easy to install. Demonstration with the covering of this wall!