An extractor hood above my kitchen island

An extractor hood above my kitchen island

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Contrary to popular belief, extractor hoods are not only reserved for the hob near the walls. Very efficient, the hoods are also installed above the kitchen islands and must show ingenuity and design to integrate well into the room. Demonstration.

The decorative element hood

Schmidt ### The advantage of decorative hoods is that they can take sometimes unusual shapes. Here the hood becomes a chrome cylinder which looks much more like a contemporary sculpture than a functional hood. It thus finds its place in the kitchen with harmony and style.

Recall of kitchen materials

Schmidt ### To easily integrate the hood into the room, Schmidt takes the advantage of recalling the kitchen materials in the appearance of the hood. The white model thus recalls the worktop and the storage units, and goes unnoticed in the overall harmony of the kitchen.

The space separation hood

Schmidt ### On an island, the hood can also help structure the space. Here the rectangular hood closes the kitchen area which opens onto the living room. The spaces are thus delimited without obstructing circulation or the gaze for an aesthetic and functional room.

The proliferation of hoods

Miele ### In Alain Ducasse's kitchen, the hood is multiplied to offer more performance and comfort. The whole creates an interesting graphic game. And the stainless steel of the hoods is reminiscent of that of the handles of the kitchen, the ovens or even on one side of the worktop.