Which office to install in an entrance?

Which office to install in an entrance?

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We often only go through it, but why not use the few square meters of the entrance to make it a real room? Here are 10 examples of offices to install in its entrance to create a room in its own right.


Hartô Malins, new generation offices can be suspended. Small format, certainly, but studied so that it is practical and pretty. It will be installed in the smallest entrances.

So design

Hartô His name is Hippolyte and we love his name and his look. Perfect in the entrance of an old style apartment, its colored feet wake up the white walls.


Delamaison This desk with a very designer look takes up very little space in the entrance. It allows a double function: decorated with a bouquet of flowers and an empty pocket, it can perfectly serve as a console to put the keys.

Classic neo

Delamaison If you want to impose a style upon entry, choose an office with a strong personality. Duo of black and raw wood for this charming neo-classical desk. When you are not there to work, put some decorative objects there.

Minimalist design

Eno studio Big blow of heart for this office as beautiful as intelligent. Ideal for very small entrances, the shelf folds up and stores against the wall.


Flamant Bois brut, black steel feet and 2 planks on the side for storing files and papers: the perfect mix for a classic and discreet office to install in an entrance hall.

Vintage Vintage lovers have found their office. Very simple with its two drawers and four central feet, it can be placed in the middle or at the end of the entrance wall.


La Redoute Ultra practical, this desk has the advantage of having many drawers to store all the papers lying around. Its very "traditional" look also makes the new function of the entrance clear: the office.

In front of a picture window

La Redoute You thought you could not create an office in your glass entrance but yet, what a pleasure to be able to work facing the garden. In this case, opt instead for a minimalist office so as not to spoil the view.