10 practical storage spaces for the start of the school year

10 practical storage spaces for the start of the school year

Before going back into everyday life, you take the time to tidy up your interior a bit. New furniture then appears in the house to allow us to classify, sort and store in peace. The editorial staff selected 10 practical and decorative storage spaces for the start of the school year.

The library

Alinéa In the bedroom for the little ones or for the big children, we put on strong colors with this library. The colored boxes alternate without altering the storage capacities.

The bathroom

Castorama In the water rooms which often lack space where plays with vertical lines for a total decorative effect. We multiply identical storage, as here where we find three times the same piece of furniture in three different colors.

The shelves

Castorama To save space on the floor, the shelves on the wall can replace the library. We then alternate plank and box to create a rhythm and we repaint everything in the colors of the room. Here is a practical and decorative storage!

The coffee table

Ikea Practical for children who invade the living room, the coffee table turns into a pencil holder and a reserve of paper. Once the children are in bed, the felt-tip pens are replaced by a good bottle (sparkling water) for an aperitif with friends.

The bedside table

Ikéa New version of the bedside table which becomes very practical: XXL drawer, two levels of storage, removable boxes… You no longer have any excuse to leave anything lying around the bed.

The TV stand

Ikéa With the arrival of decoders for internet or television, the furniture has adapted to our new needs. Here the TV cabinet is perforated to reveal the screen of the box. Thus no problem with cables lying around on the ground or the infrared of the remote control.

The rolling cart

Jennifer Johner She settles in all the rooms of the house: here in the office where she accommodates the material to work, in the kitchen for the frying pans and other pots, in the room for the books… One moves it easily according to everyone's needs.

The buffet

La Redoute Books, files and other trinkets occupy the space but thanks to a folding shelf, you can quickly store what is lying around and which should not be seen. Your secrets are well kept!

The boxes

Maison du monde Paradoxically, the storage boxes take a facelift with an "old school" atmosphere in color. Vintage is popular and appeals to the youngest for a return to school benches that sticks to the back-to-school period.