10 cooking utensils for fans of the Star Wars saga

10 cooking utensils for fans of the Star Wars saga

Good news for Star Wars aficionados, the exhibition dedicated to the space saga of George Lucas is extended until October 5, 2014 at the Cité du Cinéma in Saint-Denis. The opportunity for us to present you kitchen utensils which are inspired by it. We're sure you're going to want to buy everything!

Salt and pepper shakers

Sofa Break Give a geek touch to your table decor with this salt and pepper shaker in the shape of Darth Vader and Stormtrooper in ceramic. Hopefully they won't start a star wars at mealtimes. 19.90 euros

A timer

La Geekerie Turn the head of R2-D2 to start the countdown timer. Once it reaches zero, it rings to warn you that your egg is in danger ... er cooked! 15.90 euros

A cutting board

Price Minister To prepare a kitchen on the dark side of force, nothing better than this cutting board bearing the image of the Death Star, an imperial space station capable of destroying a planet. Etoile Noire cooking board, € 11.90

A snack box

Price Minister Your little blond heads, addicted to Star Wars, want to impress their friends in the playground? Make them happy by offering them this snack box that features the legendary Darth Vader. Scooli's Star Wars snack box, 11.89 euros

An ice cube tray

Price Minister To impress your guests, Star Wars fans, get hold of this ice cube tray that reproduces small "Black Stars", reference to the famous space station of the saga. Death Star ice cube tray, € 13.18

A pizza cutter

La Geekerie We didn't know the little white and blue robot from Star Wars also a pizza fan, and yet! The advantage of this original roulette: every time you roll it, the famous sound of R2-D2 will sound! It throws, right? R2D2 sound pizza cutter, 22.95 euros


La Geekerie To fight a fight worthy of Star Wars with your sushi, adopt without delay these rods which resemble two small lightsabers. We love it, don't you? Lightsaber sticks, € 12.90

A knife holder

La Geekerie A budding cook and a Star Wars fan, this knife holder is made for you! Taking the form of the famous X-Wing, it takes 5 knives (bread, vegetable, meat ...) into the galaxy! 103.96 euros

A bottle opener

La Redoute Like a Jedi! You will amuse your guests with this bottle opener which reproduces the characteristic sound of lighting the lightsaber when you bottle open a bottle. Lightsaber bottle opener, 15.90 euros