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5 very clever children's rooms!

5 very clever children's rooms!

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To arrange the child's bedroom, you often have to be resourceful so that you can put away all the toys and leave enough space for your child to have fun. Fortunately, there are many solutions to make the bedroom a very clever space!

Shelves around the bed

La Redoute ### To make the bed also a storage space, you can opt for a bed surrounded by practical shelves. The round the bed then serves as a bedside table, decoration and storage space while creating a cocoon for sleeping.

A storage space bed

Fly ### To save space and therefore space to play, you can choose a high bed that allows you to install multiple storage spaces under it. You can also install the desk in the continuity of the bed so that it takes up little space.

A bed with an extra bed drawer

3 Suisses ### If your child likes to receive friends, you can choose a very ingenious bed which has an extra bed in a drawer which can be stored under the bed. It will then be enough to open the drawer to accommodate a child to sleep.

Lockers for storing toys

Fly ### Finally, to optimize storage, do not hesitate to opt for an entire storage wall. Be aware that small lockers are perfect for storing toys or clothes. By choosing them in different colors, the decor effect will be very playful.