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A round table in the living room

A round table in the living room

Why not change from the traditional rectangular dining table? The round table focuses on the conviviality of the meals. Here are some ideas to integrate a round table into your living room according to your style.

Romantic style

Goal ### The romantic style highlights feminine forms. We opt for a table with curved lines that combines wrought iron with glass for an elegant mixture. It takes place at an angle to dress the space of the room.

Design style

Goal ### For a design style, avoid frills! Choose a sleek model on one foot and add designer chairs. Place the furniture near a window to bring perspective to the table. Lunch will be even more enjoyable!

Family house style

Goal ### The round table also adapts to large family lunches because it mostly has extensions to stretch it. For a family meal, choose a wooden table with traditional lines. The best thing is that the table harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the furniture. Then bet on a beautiful table decoration.

Classic style

La Redoute ### For a classic style, opt for timelessness. A round table on a black base will bring elegance and refinement. Add chairs with a strong personality like striped chairs and you will get a decor of character that will not go out of fashion.