Placemats have not said their last word

Placemats have not said their last word

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Placemats, nerdy? Who put this idea in your head? Whether in fabric, seagrass, paper or even braided resin, they are real allies to create the decor on the table. Do you still doubt it? Here are 10 ideas to prove you wrong.


Do you want to set up a table with a contemporary look to receive your friends? Opt for these round and gray placemats that energize the decor. On a glass or wooden table, they have it all!


Do not hesitate to mix genres in the kitchen to create a unique decor. Here it is the placemats in the ethnic style which come to wake up a modern and a little cold atmosphere.

Romantic lace

A romantic dinner atmosphere on this table which has opted for a very nice service covered with little hearts. Once placed on a lace placemat, the look is complete.

Beige on a modern table

Brown wooden table, design and purple seats and table set side, we put on models with ease: rectangular and beige to lighten the dark color of the table.


To take advantage of the last days of good weather, we sit on the terrace for lunch. And so that the table also breathes good humor, we set it up with pretty striped and colorful table sets.

An exotic touch

No need to dare the total exotic look on your table to make your guests travel. A table mat in the shape of a large leaf is more than enough.

Bring in nature

What a great idea to bring a natural touch to a raw wooden table with a rustic decor with this braided table set. It brings in the blink of an eye the desired dose of modernity.


As you have probably noticed, seagrass is gradually inviting our interiors with rugs, armchairs and even sofas to bring a natural touch to the decor. Now it is also on the table that he puts on his show with these elegant round placemats.

With ease

For everyday life, keep it simple and opt for rectangular and black placemats. Placed on a white table, the colored duo turns out to be a real success as usual. More pics


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