Paintings: find out what's new

Paintings: find out what's new

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In 2014, paint brands further competed in ingenuity and inventiveness. The spectrum of colors continues to reflect people's desire to disconnect from the hectic life and complexity of the world today, and return to the beauty of nature. Rich, sensual, acidulous and full of depth colors, clean lines ... get ready to see all the colors!

Urban folk

Dulux Valentine Exotic decoration is on the rise this year. Warm colors and ethnic accents make up the color chart for this pretty palette of colors from the Crème de Couleurs and Couleurs du monde ranges. Colors that invite you to travel and get away from it all!

Logical perspective

Sico Do you want a quiet place to think, a quiet place to calm your soul, regain strength and restore order in our lives? Think of the soothing range of Sico colors. Relaxing and rich shades of black, off-white, gray, clay neutral, deep red and blue, which bring elegance, subtlety, balance and simplicity to all your spaces.


Castorama Bright colors are currently on the rise. To meet this growing demand, Castorama has designed the Color Collection. A trendy and inspiring range that will allow you to express your own style. Refined and natural, the Emeraude color paint invites you for well-being and serenity, thanks to its exotic color.

Mineral inspiration

Mathys This year, concrete is at the heart of the trend! Lovers of the loft style, bring a contemporary mineral note to your interior and let yourself be tamed by the concrete cashmere paint imagined by Mathys. It will allow you to create a refined and modern decor at the same time, while bringing a personalized touch to your interior thanks to its raw appearance.

Metal trend

Mathys Passionate about design and decoration has something to be excited about. This year, the trend is giving pride of place to metal materials to bring shine, shine and light to your interior. Ideal for small areas, the Cachemire Metallic paint in gold, silver or bronze colors brings a bright finish to your walls and ceilings.

Peaceful sweetness

Sico Warm atmosphere and refreshing retro touch guaranteed with the Unison color palettes. Delicate and intense, the colors reflect the harmony that develops between organic nature, technology and elements created by man. Pastel colors and bright shades combine to bring well-being and serenity to the home. -


V33 Take the height with the painting "Attitude" by Ripolin. Ecological and resistant at the same time, this range of paints reveals a very large palette of colors. 78 ready-to-use shades, 936 in a tinting machine and four finishes: satin, mat, lacquer and metal effect that will allow you to meet all your desires while preserving the environment.

Modern mosaic

Courtesy Exit gloom and give way to color with the modern Sico Mosaic palette. Invigorating blend of intense sparkles and patterns mixes to bring energy and dynamism to your interior. Evoking images of string, pearls, weaving and embroidery, this colorful grouping pays homage to handmade art with its intense Marylin red, its bold Cobalt Saxon blue and its yellow pep's Banana Diet.

Poetic sweetness

Dulux Valentine This year, interior decoration gives pride of place to soft colors. Pastel colors such as powder pink, mint green or chick yellow that soften the atmosphere without ever weighing it down. Subtle and delicate, the "Le Mat" collection by Dulux Valentine is timely.