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Child's snack in the garden

Child's snack in the garden

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It's 4 p.m. Time to taste! But as it is summer, it is outside that the tastings of sweets and cakes will be held. Decorative and gourmet inspiration notebook.

Festive snack

My Little Day Wearing pretty straws and glasses of all colors, this summer snack in the garden has festive airs! This is also the great vacation…

Tart taste

La Redoute Frites, and company are the joy of 4 hours during the summer holidays. And as a bonus, they are served outdoors!

Sunny afternoon snack

My Little Day Accessorized with the prettiest disposable plates they are, sprinkled with blue stars or yellow triangles, this afternoon snack is as summery and whimsical as possible! They should quickly be fans…

Girly taste

Castorama Lying on the grass, a white polka dot tablecloth on a pink background blows us that the taste will have the air of a dinette…

Dreamy snack

Ikea For the most dreamers, we imagined a snack nestled in the heart of the trees, cupcakes under a bell and porcelain dishes, like straight out of a fairy tale…

Chic taste

Ikéa Sipping lemonade while being comfortably seated on the couch, this is a pleasure for adults now accessible to children!

Picnic snack

Alinéa In the hollow of an imaginary teepee, floor cushions welcome indians with an appetite who come to taste sweets and cupcakes.