In detail

Lucidalle: a new lighting concept

Lucidalle: a new lighting concept

Lucibel, specialist in very low consumption lighting, presents a new type of LED-based luminaire in the form of a slab in order to combine design and technology in a single product. Presentation of Lucidalle.

In suspension

Lucibel ### Lucidalle can also adapt to the needs of each room. In the office for example, where you need a more present and therefore closer lighting, you can perfectly use Lucidalle in suspension that you can adjust to the height of your choice.

On the wall

Lucibel ### Lucidalle can also be installed on walls thanks to its flawless design! You can choose to install several tiles of different shapes to create a wall that will diffuse light throughout the room. The most decorative: Lucidalle will look like a real work of art.

To put

Lucibel ### For special needs such as lighting a worktop, you can also simply place Lucidalle directly on the credenza. You will then benefit from optimal esthetic lighting.

For professionals

Lucibel ### And Lucidalle also adapts to the needs of professionals. You will not fail to find them in your favorite hair salon.