Festive dinner and table decoration

Festive dinner and table decoration

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There is no shortage of opportunities to receive! And to spend good festive and convivial moments, we do not hesitate to put small dishes in the big ones with a table decoration worthy of the name. Here are some ideas to discover in pictures to receive in style.

Buffet dinner

Ikea Have you planned a gargantuan meal? Dedicate a table to the presentation of all your dishes by staging them in beautiful dishes and playing with the different small containers.

A buffet for drinks

LSA International Similarly, you can create a buffet for drinks. You will then put forward your pretty glasses as well as decanters to present your different drinks.

The table for a birthday snack

Ikea For a birthday snack worthy of the name, we set the table as for a big dinner, taking care of the dishes. A few baskets of candy and pretty towels will bring the final touch.

Chic dinner

Ikea Are you hosting for a particular event? Consider giving your table a personal touch by taking care of the details with place cards, folded napkins and a decorative centerpiece. Your guests will be amazed.

A very chic meal

Guy Degrenne For a special occasion, you can bet on an ultra classic table that will place your meal under the sign of elegance. Crockery and white tablecloth, beautiful presentation: your dinner will amaze you.

Glasses worthy of the name

LSA International And who says festive meals, says exceptional dishes! So, we do not hesitate to take out our most beautiful glasses that we multiply to give cachet to the table. You can bet on lightly colored glasses for a more original style.

Elegant table linen

Garnier Thiébaut No question of opting for a plastic tablecloth! We opt for a pretty textile that will bring a lot of elegance to the table and enhance dishes. With matching towels, it's even better!

Chic meal outside too

Alinéa Outside we also put on a beautiful table worthy of the name. We do not hesitate to multiply the plates and presentation dishes for a very chic and festive note even in the garden.

A festive table decor even in the living room

Ikea You don't want to sit at the table? No problem, you can also spend a convivial moment in the living room but we do not neglect the table decoration. A pretty servant, small presentation bowls and a few candle jars will set the tone!