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Unusual accessories to make the table more fun

Unusual accessories to make the table more fun

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Do you want to put a little madness in the decoration of your table? We have found for you 10 accessories that are sure to surprise you with their unusual shape or function. To discover in pictures!

A stopper holder

Pa Design How many times have you not found the stopper of the wine bottle that you wanted to refill at the end of a meal? To avoid having to ask yourself this question, adopt this accessory which will keep it next to the neck. Now it remains only to not finish the bottle for it to be useful!

A pearl necklace for the pot

KONSTANTIN SLAWINSKI Some people will tell you that bringing the pot to the table is not very elegant. But that was without counting on this trivet which offers a pearl necklace to your family dishes for a very chic look.

Esoteric coasters

Atypyk Do you have divinatory skills? Opt for coasters that will allow you to indulge in encromancy (reading the future in ink stains) as an aperitif.

Plain salad

Black + Blum To serve the salad, a green plant invites itself to the table. In fact, salad stems like plant stems are stored in a small pot that mimics terracotta flower pots. This is a two in one centerpiece: decorative and practical.

My little rabbits

Chef'n To continue in the country register, invite rabbits to the table! By betting on this salt and pepper shaker with rabbit ears that activate the mechanism, no doubt that all your guests will find that your dishes lack salt. Do not take it badly, they will just have an irresistible desire to try these accessories!

Funny eggs

Culinarion To give the boiled egg pep's that you serve, choosing an ordinary egg cup is out of the question. Here, it's a funny guy who offers you his services! Suffice to say that children will love it!

The fruit basket revisited

Happyspace Do you want to finish the meal on a gourmet note? Opt for a fruit basket revisited with compartments to slide different candies. However, use a fruit compartment in case…

Appetizer circuit

Pa Design To present sushi or appetizers, we drop the traditional tray and we rather offer this funny crockery which allows to create the shape of a car circuit that spans the entire table.

Magic water carafe

Pied de Poule And rather than serving water to your guests, bet on magic potion! Eau de Perlimpinpin, Elixir de Jouvence or Philtre d'amour, the choice is yours based on your guests.


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