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What wallpaper for my teenager's bedroom?

What wallpaper for my teenager's bedroom?

What makes a teenager's bedroom special is that it reflects their personality, tastes, interests and aspirations. In terms of wallpaper, there is a wide choice to meet the expectations of our teens and find the one that will reflect their universe. Urban style or inspired by comics books, floral patterns, graphics or more classic will ideally find their place in your teenager's room.

For superhero fans!

Graham & Brown If your young boy swears by superheroes, he will love this wallpaper! It will create an original trompe-l'oeil effect since it gives the impression that several dozen comics are hanging on the wall.

A globetrotter room

Rebel Walls This scratch-off wallpaper allows your teenager to count the countries he has already visited by simply removing the golden film present on each of the regions where he has already been. Enough to travel without leaving your bed!

To each his own space

Ikea If your two children sleep in a mixed room, you can very simply create two separate spaces using two different wallpapers. Here, a striped pattern and a pattern were installed and visually separated with the cabinet.

Arty wallcovering

Mr Bricolage The decor of this bedroom is resolutely modern and trendy with this wallpaper in a graffiti style. Install this kind of wall covering on a single wall so as not to overload the space and prefer sober furniture, in wood for example.

Bring brightness

Castorama To light up a room even more, mix white paint and gradient wallpaper. All you have to do is accessorize the bedroom with a bed set, lighting or photo frames in the same colors.

A touch of exoticism

Hemoon The "jungle" trend is back! And in the bedroom, it gives an exotic atmosphere that invites you to travel and dream: the ideal for teenagers! With this kind of wall covering, do not further customize the walls and instead create a cozy reading corner.

A romantic bedroom

4Walls Indigo blue is one of the flagship colors of the year. In the teenage bedroom, it gives a romantic dimension that will bring out the soul of the poet who sleeps in your child! As for furniture, prefer an immaculate bed, a seat or even a classic bedside table.

Opt for a fun wallpaper

Ferm Linving Play the card of playfulness with this Harlequin model which will bring a touch of originality to the room. In pastel colors or more frank, it takes gives a radically different atmosphere to the space.

A wall worthy of a work of art

Milton & King It's a bit like the concept of this wall covering to stick. It incorporates the most famous brands in the world in a very urban American style which will modernize a fairly ordinary bedroom in the blink of an eye.

Floral print

Mr Bricolage You thought that only the black and the Gothic style pleased our teenagers? Think again ! Very trendy floral and bucolic prints settle in the teenage bedroom with subtlety. We like the combination of pastel colors and the very chosen "flower power" bias.

Nature inspiration

Rasch For a teenage bedroom that breathes greenery, we combine an original wallpaper with horizontal stripes to enlarge the space and wallpaper with graphic patterns that will give the bedroom a very modern look. A real breath of fresh air!

Check print

Rasch The check print can be a good compromise for a classic and trendy teen bedroom. Inspired by the 1950s, this retro wallpaper will bring freshness and color to the space.

New York loft atmosphere

Graham & Brown Your teen wants to appropriate the New York loft style? On the color side, we put on sobriety with an original printed wallpaper that will dress the walls with the name of the emblematic districts of the metropolis. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Polka dot print

Graham & Brown A classic and timeless interior design, the multicolored polka dot print will find its place in a trendy teenage bedroom.

Hypnotic Art

Castorama Hypnotic wallpaper for this teenage bedroom inspired by the famous game Rubik's Cube. We love this very colorful model, a touch of psychedelics that will bring punch and dynamism to your teen's bedroom.

Comic book inspiration

Purpose The comics style has met with great success in recent years in our teenagers' bedrooms. Followers of this trend will be seduced by the well displayed personality of this wallpaper and by its dynamic graphics.


4 walls Is your teenager a true fan of the Gothic style? Then bet on a decoration a bit girly which will emphasize mysticism, spirituality and esotericism.

Graffiti wallpaper

Mr Bricolage Your teen is tanning you so that his room is adorned with street colors and adopts an urban style? To put street art in the spotlight, we put on a "graffiti" wallpaper.

Urban pattern

Néo Dko Your teenager dreams of a room in an urban style reminiscent of the atmosphere of large cities? We opt without further delay for this wallpaper which celebrates the city of London by appropriating all the symbols of the city.