The bulbs make the decoration

The bulbs make the decoration

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Despite the success of low-energy lighting, incandescent bulbs are not about to be forgotten. Hanging naked or inspiring the shape of interior objects, they stand out and prove that they too can play it deco. Look at this very contemporary trend.

A bulb-shaped vase

AM.PM ### Here is a bucolic note in the house that shows originality. It is indeed in a transparent vase in the shape of an incandescent bulb that the flowers find their place. A bucolic AM.PM model, unique, but above all fun!

Bulb-shaped soap dispensers

Paragraph ### Make way for fantasy in the bathroom! Rather than opting for a classic soap dispenser, Alinéa offers colorful, bulb-shaped versions! To be appropriated urgently ...

Bare light bulbs hanging from colored wires

Goal ### The bulbs are exposed. And at But, it is with the end of their colored cables, green, mauve or red, that they illuminate the interior. Oddly decorative.

Bare bulb staging

Ikéa ### Now discover the elegant staging by Ikéa: simple bulbs wander from vine to vine. Above our heads, they create a magical route at different heights which gracefully punctuates the ceiling.