An office for small spaces

An office for small spaces

Before the back to school starts on the hats of wheels, we look at the desk that will allow you to work! You don't have room? This is no excuse because the offices adapt very well to small spaces. The proof in pictures !

An office in the kitchen

Ikea Yes, it is possible! Some storage units offer a tablet dedicated to laptops. So you can even set up your desk in the kitchen if it's the only space available.

A shelving desk

La Redoute In this living room, the office blends with the other storage space since it is a wall shelf which has a shelf for comfortable installation. In terms of decor, it's impeccable!

A library office

AM.PM In the same spirit, your office can easily be installed in the library! Just add a stool to this specially designed piece of furniture for you to settle in.

A console desk

La Redoute Your office can also be set up anywhere thanks to a multifunctional piece of furniture! For example, this desk will also serve as a console, side table for meals and storage thanks to its drawers.

A storage desk

La Redoute Ingenious and graphic, this desk offers a console-sized tablet to install without taking up too much space and one of the legs of the desk is none other than the base of a storage shelf to save in space in your room.

A wall desk

La Redoute If you really run out of space, bet on the wall solution: it is a small piece of furniture that has a shelf to unfold to install a computer. A stool and voila.

A retractable desk

Alinéa This ingenious storage unit offers a desk which folds down when not in use. Your office is then available only when you need it to make the most of the space.

An office table

Paragraph Finally, why not use a side table as an office? So you can eat or work, according to your needs!

A narrow piece of furniture

Fly Finally, the size of a shoe cabinet, this desk can be placed in a corridor as well as in a room that lacks space.