A central island in the kitchen

A central island in the kitchen

The island has the wind in its sails, and for once, we can not miss it! It occupies a central place in an American kitchen, simplifies the use of the work plan and the passage in the room. Beyond its functional aspect, it is also an integral part of the style and decoration of the room. Discover our selection of new products on the subject drawn from different kitchen designers.

A wooden worktop

Ikea If you want to have a rustic but modern kitchen, you will certainly fall in love with this Metod / Veddinge model from Ikea. Its large wooden worktop and drawers allow you to cook at your ease and store a maximum of things without being cluttered during the preparation of your small dishes.

A tangy island

Leroy Merlin To put color in the kitchen without opting for a too pronounced color, this blue island (reference Crystal) is a good alternative. The brighter the room, the more it will be highlighted. Our favorite: the worktop and the built-in stainless steel sink allow quick and easy cleaning.

Central cooking plates

Mobalpa Here, the cook can simmer his recipes in the middle of the central island, thanks to induction hobs located in the middle of the oak worktop and an extractor hood hung on the ceiling. You will understand, this Alkore model, in satin white color, is made so that you are behind the stove! The little extra? The recessed handles of the kitchen elements.

A multifunction island

SoCoo'c The central island has been revisited in this Melt kitchen in order to serve both as a work plan but also as a dining area or a bar, if you install high stools. The two-tone shades are perfect for a chic and contemporary interior.

Open and closed storage

Purpose It's not just your walls that can accommodate storage. If your kitchen is not very large, this island (Idealis reference) will allow you to store your dishes and utensils in its closed cupboards and drawers but also in its pretty open shelves. The built-in table offers the possibility of lunch on the go.

A designer dining area

Perene / Pierrick Verny It doesn't sound like that, but this Epure and Sophistication island by Perene contains a cellar, a wine service and lots of storage. The dark gray worktop turns into a dining table, to which you can associate dark colored seats.

An island as a bar

Leroy Merlin If you regularly receive friends for a drink, this kitchen island is for you! The work plan becomes a dining table or a counter to exchange around an aperitif. With light wood and white colors, this kitchen has a very trendy Scandinavian style.

A low kitchen

Ikea In this Metod / Brokult kitchen, there is no tall storage unit. The kitchen island is quite low, as are the kitchen elements, which significantly enlarges the space. Choose this type of layout in a bright room or one that looks outside.

A two-colored island

SoCoo'c Storage without handles gives this central island a modern and very elegant look. Thanks to the recess located at the bottom of the cabinet, you will be more at ease for cooking. For a more harmonious room, opt for lacquered cupboards from the same range.

A corner island

Mobalpa This Kiffa model by Mobalpa delimits the space well by extending into a bar area which can also be used as a dining table. But he does not forget the storage as an oven and a dishwasher are built into the cabinet, which has many cupboards.

A luminous island

Lapeyre For lovers of design and cooking, this Ytrac model is bordered by bluish light which gives a unique style to the space. This will allow you to be better lit when you are behind the stove, and this without installing overly large lights in the room.

A kitchen worthy of a professional

Schmidt Do you like to cook and entertain your friends at dinner? You must be well equipped! So choose a practical setting in which you will have all your devices at hand, like this Frame island which has several storage spaces and a large hob embedded in a quartz worktop.

A little color behind the stoves

Brico Dépôt Red cuisine is still in vogue. To avoid opting for a total ruby ​​red look, you can play with moderation by choosing a small central island and colorful kitchen elements but a worktop in a dark shade.

Give the sink a special place

Schmidt On this island, the sink is located in the center and enhanced by being raised on a wooden structure. In addition to giving the room a designer look, it allows you to focus on this part of the kitchen, which is completely gray.