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10 favorite beds for the nursery

10 favorite beds for the nursery

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Baby bed for a little girl or a little guy, vintage in spirit or with a rather designer look, in wood or iron ... all these questions you will surely ask yourself when the time comes to choose the bed for your future baby . Here is a 100% decorative selection of baby cribs to help you.

Baby's room sees life in color

Vertbaudet The tender green of the bed gives a safari-style decoration to this little boy's room. Savannah animals and green in all its variations hold the upper hand.

A baby bed that covers everything

Vertbaudet Saves space, this combined bed is also convertible. Including a bed, a changing table, shelves, a drawer on casters and niches on the sides, it is the ideal partner to accompany your child for years and is evolving.

Simplicity above all!

Vertbaudet We don't always know if we're going to have a girl or a boy. To prepare the room for your future toddler, opt for a room with neutral decoration that will adapt to all your desires once the baby arrives.

An ingenious baby bed

Vertbaudet It is the ideal partner for small spaces. Compact and sober in color, this bed includes in one block: a bed, a changing table, storage shelves, two storage boxes and a large drawer.

What to choose when baby is sleeping in the parents' room?

Ikea Furniture for the nursery is often colored, as are textiles with colorful patterns. Also to integrate into the parents' room, it is better to prefer a sober cot which will not clash with the decor of the older ones.

Like clockwork!

Laurette Convenient to move baby from one room to another without cluttering up. This vintage-style bed is equipped with casters to take baby everywhere and always have an eye on it.

A bed like a princess

Ikea Add style and style to the traditional crib by hanging a canopy just above your baby's head. In addition, know that babies love to feel confined, it reminds them when they were huddled in the womb.

A 100% trendy baby bed

Vertbaudet The Scandinavian trend has not escaped the nursery. In light wood and with simple and sober lines, this cot with bars is also scalable to transform into a little boy's and little girl's bed.

For curious babies

La Redoute This bed is equipped with two transparent walls on the sides, which allows baby to monitor everything from his bed.


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