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A walk-in shower for a modern bathroom

A walk-in shower for a modern bathroom

Tired of feeling confined to your little shower stall? We have the solution: the famous walk-in shower that appeals to us both by its aesthetics and its practicality. Open to the bathroom, they give us a real feeling of space and freedom. A glance at a phenomenon that has not ceased to please.

In stone

Geberit Terribly contemporary and luxurious, this Italian stone shower and completely open is a real favorite. To warm the gray blue of the walls, we add dark wooden furniture. Superb!


Leroy Merlin Placing a walk-in shower on the floor is not always possible. If your evacuation does not allow it, know that by raising it a little thanks to a receiver to be tiled, you can still achieve a very nice result. The proof !

In a corner

Leroy Merlin The walk-in shower does not need to sit in the middle of the bathroom to have its small effect. Installed in a corner, it is just as design and easy to access.


Leroy Merlin All dressed in beige and brown, this minimalist bathroom makes a nice place for a walk-in shower. Zen and warm, we dream of relaxing there.

In the furnished valleys

Geberit If you are lucky enough to have attic spaces, you can create a nice master suite there. Installed at the end of the room, this walk-in shower makes us dream with its large size and its most relaxing mineral spirit.

In addition to a bathtub

Leroy Merlin In addition to a large bathtub, this bathroom has a practical walk-in shower with a minimalist design. Open on the door of the room, you just have to sneak in as soon as you wake up.

A small bin

Hudson Reed In a large walk-in shower, you can also divide the spaces to make it more practical. A small tray welcomes you to take your shower, while your towels are waiting right next to you when you dry.

In height

Leroy Merlin This walk-in shower is getting higher and that is not to displease us. We fell in love with the waxed concrete spirit from floor to ceiling in different shades of gray which breathes natural and mineral air.

Between two walls

Geberit Rather than having two large transparent shower screens, you can also choose to install it between two walls. Convenient to fix the cabinet and the basin on the other side!