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An exotic dining room to extend the holidays

An exotic dining room to extend the holidays

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The summer holidays are over, but not in the dining room where you have decided to breathe exotic air. Furniture in rosewood or wenge and decorative items brought back from your many trips take place in this room where the whole family meets to take their meals. Here are 10 atmospheres where exoticism is there to inspire you.

Natural colors

Maisons du Monde It is essential to adopt natural tones to create an exotic atmosphere in the dining room. From the carpet to the buffet, from the table to the chairs, everything is adorned with black, brown or even beige.

Braided chairs

3 Suisses This dining room breathes nature and zen through furniture in light wood and decorative accessories in natural materials such as these beautiful woven wicker chairs.

An ethnic table

Bensimon Who said that the design style and the ethnic atmosphere were not compatible? Surely not us! The proof with this very beautiful contemporary table with graphic and exotic patterns which is the centerpiece of this dining room.

With mismatched chairs

La Redoute If the total exotic look scares you, don't be afraid to mix styles. Around the raw wooden table, we dare a mix of school and industrial atmosphere chairs. Successful, right?

A wenge set

Delamaison This dining room built entirely of wenge has shown originality by opting for a turquoise blue wall that awakens the decor. Another way to adopt the exotic style that works without fault of taste!

Trays on the table

Maisons du Monde After the meal is finished, leave some exotic decorative objects on the dining room table. Beautiful trays from Africa and terracotta pots take care of the style.

Mix of styles

Tikamoon The exotic atmosphere of this dining room is fresh and warm thanks to a soft light gray carpet and contemporary white and refined seats. A mixture of styles very successful that we reproduce without hesitation!

Decorative items from around the world

Maisons du Monde Once the furniture has been chosen, think of the decorative accessories that will perfect the decor! Elephant and rhinoceros statues, pots brought from China and a carpet brought back from India provide the decorative touch that was missing in this dining room.

Souvenirs from Africa

Maisons du Monde To decorate your exotic trendy dining room, remember to bring back beautiful photos of local people and animals from your next trip to Africa. Drawn in black and white and exposed on the wall, they will make all the difference.