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Escape to the mountains with repositionable wallpapers

Escape to the mountains with repositionable wallpapers

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In November, mountain lovers are only in a hurry: wait until the following month to escape to the snowy heights. Moove Paper dedicates a collection of repositionable wallpapers to them, dressed in winter landscapes and chalet decorations, to take the decor to altitude, even before time. Look at these ephemeral wall coverings that allow us to change the decor in the blink of an eye.

A cabin overlooking the mountain

Moove Paper ### To rediscover the atmosphere of skiing at home, nothing like the landscape of a cabin lost in the heart of the mountain completely covering the living room wall! We stick this ephemeral wallpaper in November to start the winter atmosphere, we remove it in March to say bye bye, all without leaving a trace on the walls!

A wall like a chalet

Moove Paper ### Want to give a touch of fantasy to the fireplace for its winter decor? Why not put a strip of chalet-style magnetic wallpaper just above it, right up to the ceiling? Displaying a collection of animal trophies hanging on the wooden walls, while we guess a forest of fir trees behind the small opening, the trompe-l'oeil effect is successful!

A snowy fir forest all over the wall

Moove Paper ### A pine forest under oversized snow, and the living room takes on an ice blue air giving the feeling of pushing back the walls. The rendering is original, impactful and above all, it takes us to altitude to breathe the fresh mountain air after a long day of work ...

Unlimited wood

Moove Paper ### What if we personalized a door, a closet or a section of wall under the sign of chalets? With the image of a freshly cut wood reserve or the paneled effect of high mountain habitats, it's done! In addition to creating a surprise and riding a wave of originality, the color of the wood will subtly warm up your decor…