The restaurant Les Climats, an address for decoration addicts

The restaurant Les Climats, an address for decoration addicts

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Housed in the former refectory of the PTT ladies, the Les Climats restaurant has had a makeover orchestrated by the Franco-American decorator Bambi Sloan. She signs a decoration borrowed from Arts & Crafts to restore splendor and grandeur to this building from 1900. Owner's tower…

The original bar

Christine Tamalet The bar is a creation of Atelier Poulaillon and Carrément Design. Integrating without false note in the decor, it faces the high windows dressed in original stained glass.

The period facade

Christine Tamalet The historic building dating from 1900 was built for the ladies of the Post, Telegraphs and Telephones. This place housed the canteen, a reading lounge, a bar and upstairs bedrooms.


Christine Tamalet The decorator wanted, to confine the large room, to equip the seats, armchair with velvet ears scratched with panther borders.

The restaurant Les Climats interior art deco wood

Christine Tamalet An inventive cuisine At the controls of the stoves, the French chef of Vietnamese origin Chi Tam Phan revisits the classics.

A state-of-the-art restoration

Christine Tamalet To restore this unique place Bambi Sloan brought out the photographs and the plans of the National Archives.

The shaded terrace

Christine Tamalet Overlooking the garden, the restaurant terrace is shaded and quiet. It faces the superb facade of the building.

The style canopy

Christine Tamalet Belle Epoque spirit, offers a beautiful space to enjoy the garden while being sheltered.

The decoration of the glass roof

Christine Tamalet The original terrazzo floor echoes the wicker furniture painted in white. This beautiful space is bathed in light and overlooks the garden for a breath of fresh air that is always appreciated in the city.

The secret garden

Christine Tamalet The garden accommodates 36 covers. And to withstand the incessant comings and goings, the grass is realistically a false lawn that closely resembles a real lawn.