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10 types of storage suited to a small entrance

10 types of storage suited to a small entrance

Even small entrances deserve to be functional and tidy! Our best ideas for maximizing its surface area to make it larger (in size and potential) than it seems.

Storage behind the door

Ikéa Did you think of optimizing the space available behind the front door? This should provide unexpected and very functional storage space! It remains to choose the exact location of it: on a support directly suspended from the door, or on sheltered shelves behind its leaf.

Personalized storage

Ikéa Large family with small entrance? The hodgepodge of coats, shoes and other affairs of each other is therefore necessarily your daily ordeal. The right idea to solve it? Opt, despite the limited space, for personalized storage. Everyone has their bin or box, on the ground or suspended, and we don't talk about it anymore.

A narrow storage unit

Ikéa A shallow storage unit, that should appeal to small entrances. Thus, it does not hesitate to store shoes, mail and others without hampering traffic.

Hanging storage

Ikéa Freeing the floor is a wise choice in an entrance that is not spacious enough. Especially since the possibilities are manifold: coat hooks as a coat rack, credenza bars to suspend the pumps, a hanging mail holder or a key ring in the form of a magnetic flat ... Long live storage in the air! Long live the minimum size!

Well hidden storage

Ikea At the risk of appearing stuffy and very crowded, small entrances cannot afford to leave all their belongings uncovered! Attention, this does not mean that nothing should be stored there! After all, it is enough to favor closed storage to purify it as much as possible.

A multifunctional storage support

Ikea With an all-inclusive storage system (coat rack, storage compartment, shoe storage and more), maximizing the available square meters becomes easy.

High storage

Ikea To optimize the entrance, we store from floor to ceiling! High cabinets and shelves are therefore essential. And if their lack of accessibility is painful for you, just think about organizing things that you don't often use, such as shoes, jackets and coats out of season for example!

Large capacity storage

Ikéa It seems that an imposing piece of furniture in a small space can create the opposite sensation: to make it larger than it looks. Result: we do not hesitate to choose a large piece of furniture in which the storage will be doubly optimized!

Small extra storage

Ikéa No place to store everything you want in the entrance? Make it at least practical with extra storage pockets. Thus, failing to accommodate all of your jackets and shoes, she can at least carry an umbrella, scarves, gloves, mail, keys, glasses, wallet and others.