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Paints for wood, iron and soil

Paints for wood, iron and soil

For home protection, Syntilor has developed a range of paints for wood, iron and floor. Because the floor, the joinery, the balconies and the stairs are also part of the decor, they needed a paint to give them a new shine. Presentation.

Exterior wood paint

Syntilor For wooden houses, Syntilor has developed a special paint to help you protect the facade. Based on high resistance resin, it guarantees weather and UV protection for more than 10 years. One layer is enough and it does not run so that the site is completed during the day. Remember to apply the paint in the direction of the wood fibers (79.90 euros).

Iron painting

Syntilor For gates, garden furniture, railings, barriers, interior and exterior hardware, Ultra Protect Aquaréthane iron paint helps restore radiance while protecting for the future. Anti-corrosion, it does not flake and protects from the weather to ensure the longevity of the material. You will find three aspects: satin, gloss or mat in 14 shades (67.90 euros).

Interior floor painting

Syntilor For the house floor, the Ultra Resistant Aquaréthane floor paint makes it possible to embellish the surface thanks to its satin appearance but also to facilitate maintenance. The paint can be used on wooden floors and concrete floors. And for more comfort during application, it is odorless (62.30 euros).

Exterior floor paint

Syntilor For the exterior floor of terraces or garages, you can also use floor paint. It even resists hot tires or repeated passages. And its covering power ensures long-lasting protection. Always with a single layer, the site is completed in the day (62.30 euros).