Recreate a Scandinavian-style office

Recreate a Scandinavian-style office

Notice to lovers of Scandinavian design! This is something you should like. In 10 atmospheres, we entrust you with all the keys to set up, at home, an office in the purest Scandinavian spirit. Between light wood, pastel colors, designer storage and graphics, you too can recreate the Scandinavian office you've always dreamed of.

A minimalist office

Hay If the Scandinavian style were to be summed up in one word, it would be this: minimalism. And yes, you have to know how to play the stripping card by betting on furniture with clean lines and limiting the decor to a few elements chosen with application.

A designer lamp

Arne Jacobsen And to bring a little light, we opt for a small table lamp always design, and possibly colorful, but always in pastel tones and rather discreet.

A simple suspension

Muuto In an office with a Scandinavian spirit, do not hesitate to multiply the sources of light. Here is a beautiful example with this pretty pendant light, design and who knows how to be forgotten.

Graphic boxes

Hay And here is a nice tip to clean up, pretty graphic boxes in the purest Scandinavian spirit. For more style, we choose different sizes and colors.

A few touches of blue

Maisons du Monde The Scandinavian style gives pride of place to pastel colors and neutral tones. However, it is not forbidden to dare a few touches of a little more "tonic" colors, it is enough to do it sparingly. As here, where the blue color invites itself in small touches: the seats, a vase and a book. No more no less.

A chair with clean lines

Hay How to set up a Scandinavian office without a matching chair? Well, it's just impossible! So to avoid any error, choose a chair with clean lines, preferably in light wood, but you can also play the card of originality by opting for a color model.

Organized disorder

Paragraph which says Scandinavian office, says art of counting. However, as in any self-respecting office, it is necessary to arrange some storage here and there, not to let settle the mess, enemy number 1 of the Scandinavian style.

Small touches of greenery

Ikea And to refine the soothing and natural atmosphere that reigns in your brand new Scandinavian-style office, add a few touches of green here and there. It feels good, right?

Well-ordered books

Maisons du Monde In any self-respecting Scandinavian office, there must be books or magazines, arranged in small, well-ordered piles and carefully stored. You now have all the keys in hand to recreate a real Scandinavian-style office.