Dalsouple and its rubber flooring

Dalsouple and its rubber flooring

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For the first time at Maison & Objet, Dalsouple, the international French specialist in rubber flooring, was present. Founded in 1945, the company, first specialized in tire retreading and then in the manufacture of shoe soles, now exports hundreds of thousands of m2 worldwide. Extremely resistant and available in an infinite palette of colors and effects, this covering dresses high-traffic areas without fail to give them an absolutely new look. Drawing.

Micro pellets on the tiles

Dalsouple ### The tiles take on relief to look like no other. Shaped on the surface of the covering, small pellets give the floor an aesthetic and original air. Everything we love.

Marbled slabs

Dalsouple ### Like marbled out of the oven mixing natural taste and chocolate, marbled slabs combine two colors. As if two pots of paint had been spilled, the green and gray hues form here a superb voluptuous and artistic movement.

Removable tiles

Dalsouple ### The removable tiles become the pieces of a giant puzzle. They fit together to create a temporary floor, very popular in spaces dedicated to sport such as gymnasiums, ice rinks or car stands.

Plain and smooth tiles

Dalsouple ### To meet the desires of classic decor imitating tiling, there are smooth and plain tiles, like this one. Chosen in gray, they charm the room with elegance and sobriety.