Space-saving storage for the entrance

Space-saving storage for the entrance

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The entrance is often far too small for all the accessories that you would like to store there because you have to keep in mind that it is a passage room where traffic must be fluid. To optimize space and store, all without hindering the passage, we opt for space-saving furniture that we suggest you discover in pictures.

A stylish piece of furniture

Ikea Who said that practical furniture cannot have style? This very narrow shoe cabinet perfect for entry ensures with its charming style that gives character to this interior from the doorstep.

A storage wall

Ikea And why not opt ​​for a multitude of narrow storage spaces to attach to the wall? These lockers for shoes or other accessories can be multiplied according to your needs without taking up space.

A practical wardrobe

Ikea The entrance also has the right to its wardrobe! But beware, we choose a shallow model so as not to clutter the space and facilitate the passage. However, you can use the surface up to the ceiling.

Coat hooks all over the wall

La Redoute So as not to take up space in the entrance, nothing like the coat hooks! They allow you to hang all kinds of clothes and accessories without taking up floor space. A real space saving solution.

Smart furniture

Alinéa For the entrance, also think of the modular! For example, this mirror, very practical for dressing up before leaving, contains a wardrobe section so that you can slip on your coat without taking up too much space.

Wall shelves

Purpose For custom storage in your hallway, do not hesitate to opt for shelves that you can attach as you wish to create a storage compartment, bookcase and other storage.

All in one furniture

La Redoute This narrow piece of furniture designed for the entrance will not only accommodate shoes, coats but also umbrellas and handbags. All in one does not fail to save space.

A scale

The swallow Practical and very decorative, a simple ladder will allow you to store your clothes in an original way in your entrance. Hat, scarves and other accessories also find their place, without taking too much.

A wall coat rack

Ikea Rather than opting for a coat stand on feet, prefer this wall version with shelves and coat hooks to store everything in an organized way using only the wall surface.

Coat hooks for original storage

Ikéa Finished closed entrance furniture, here there are a multitude of coat hooks that accommodate coats, hats, scarves and even shoes. With this organization there is no more need for decoration!

A modular chest of drawers

Ikea With its seven drawers, this chest of drawers will allow you to store all the little everyday things that you never know where to put. Flexible as desired, you can then add elements, if storage is still lacking.

A practical bench

Maisons du Monde In addition to being practical for putting on your shoes, this bench is a real decorative ally in the entrance. Its opening from the bottom allows you to slide the shoes, its drawers of the trinkets, its basket the scarves, and there is even still a little room to put decoration. We love !

Storage patchwork

Ikéa Practice this pocket tapestry in which you can really slip everything that hangs around here and there! Its little extra: bright colors and funny patterns that brighten up the entrance and amuse the children.

Multitude of small storage

Ikéa To optimize the entry as much as possible, we put above all on space-saving furniture that we can however use in number. Baskets hanging here, a shoe cabinet there ... a wall coat rack or a bench on the other side and voila!

For shoes

Trendy Furniture Here is an ultra functional closet to make your life easier in the hallway. You can store a multitude of shoes there and the bench offers you the opportunity to sit down to put on or take off your shoes.

Narrow furniture and wall storage

Ikéa A small storage bench, shelves and wall cupboards, a shoe cabinet; definitely this entrance is well equipped in small space-saving storage spaces practical for the whole family.

An easy-to-install console

La Redoute To facilitate the passage in the entrance, we put on an ideal console to save space. You will then be able to put your keys, the mail that has just been received or that to be placed in the box.

A charming storage unit

Maisons du Monde Are you looking for an authentic shoe cabinet that seems to have aged over the years? Here is a model that looks exactly for your requirements with its charming patina.

A piece of furniture to store everything!

Maisons du Monde The drawers of this all-in-one piece of furniture allow you to store your shoes, some coat hooks offer you the possibility of hanging hats and jackets and the mirror to check that everything is good before leaving the house.