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The hammam inspires the bathroom

The hammam inspires the bathroom

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Let yourself be enchanted by the sweetness of life of the Orient. Start this cure by adopting the hammam style in your bathroom. Soothe your body and your mind only in a few decorative steps. Let's go !

Candles by the thousands

Ikea Put candles everywhere in your bathroom. They participate in the decor and their sparkle adds a magical aspect to the room.

Care above all

Maisons du Monde In a hammam-type bathroom, you want to take care of yourself. So to cover yourself with cream and care, consider installing in a corner of the room a chair or armchair to settle in comfortably.

Warm front colors

Duscholux Tap into the colors of choice in warm countries to choose your shades in your hammam bathroom. Brown, red, yellow or orange are therefore to be prescribed!

Foutahs available

Ikea As in a real hammam, think of putting near the bathtub or at the exit of the shower on a wooden stool, some towels or foutahs to dry.

Mosaic above all

Leroy Merlin Hammams are above all a steam bath. Generally tiled to be waterproof, they awaken from patterns made in mosaic. Do the same at home so that your bathroom takes on the appearance of a hammam.

Suspensions worthy of a palace of 1001 nights

Maisons du Monde Light up your bathroom with its chiseled metal pendant lights, Moorish spirit. The perforations will diffuse a subdued light composed of light points.

A table to take your time

Maisons du Monde If your space allows, have a lounge table in your hammam-style bathroom. Ideal for taking a tea while the treatments take effect, it is to choose in an oriental spirit to integrate into the decor.