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Being outside together!

Being outside together!

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What a pleasure to relax with two in fine weather. To take advantage of the last rays of sun of the day, to listen to the tumult of the waves or for a dinner in mind, with the love of your life or your best friend, here are 10 decorative atmospheres to discover to get inspired. To your mice!

Not so alone on the sand!

Ikea In the setting sun, when all the families have returned home, take out the sun loungers and enjoy the tranquility of the beach.

It is only for children!

Ikea Install a small table and two chairs that are suitable for children in the garden. Plant a parasol next to protect them from the sun, here is a new play area for drawing, reading or inventing stories.

Improvise a romantic dinner

Ikea A table and two folding chairs take place in the heart of nature for a private dinner. Do not ignore the solar lamp to light your meal after dark. Much more reliable than candles, it will not have a fire risk.

Nestled in a corner of the garden

Ikea Why always eat on the terrace. If you are lucky enough to own a large garden, change your habits and provide cover in a secluded corner of the garden.

A balcony for two

Ikea All dressed in white, this balcony is specially designed for two. At the rendezvous of this outdoor space: breakfast, dinner and aperitif.

A terrace for two, several activities

Ikea When space allows, quickly install a table, two chairs and two deckchairs to enjoy the sunny days quietly installed.

Duo terrace

Ikea No need to have a large garden to organize a private dinner. A few square meters are enough with suitable furniture.

Be inseparable even on your deckchair!

Maisons du Monde Specially designed for transiting lovers, this double sundeck welcomes you in tandem.

Sunbathing terrace

Ikea Bronzez smart by arranging on your balcony long and thin deckchairs to hold two. Then pour in a carafe of water, ice cubes and lemon zest, some magazines, here are ready to spend a relaxing afternoon in good company.