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We want velvet from every angle

We want velvet from every angle

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When the cold sets in for good, we dream of transforming the house into a real cozy nest. We then begin to pamper new textiles that are warm and soft to the touch. Obviously, missing out on velvet is not allowed! Elegant, thick and soft, it dresses our openings to better isolate us from the outside cold, covers cushions and plaids to keep warm on the sofa and covers the seats to invite us to take a seat. The velvet trend is everywhere.

Corduroy sofa / bed

AM.PM ### Gracefully imitated by the cushions and the bolster that overhang it, this cream-colored corduroy bench seat cultivates fine stripes all along the line. Whether we choose to make it a sofa or a single bed, she calls us, and we love it!

Very insulating curtains

La Redoute ### The time when fine curtains covered windows is over. Switching to winter time also means betting on thick curtains that insulate us well from the cold outside. As such, the velvet models are ideal, and in addition, they give the openings a very refined look.

The cushion plays on velvet

Habitat ### A dark shade combined with the softness of velvet, and the result can only be divinely elegant. Of course, the burgundy red trend of autumn has not been sidelined!

A really soft blanket

La Redoute ### To prepare for winter, we surround ourselves with soft blankets. At the end of the bed, they keep us warm so that our nights are cozy.


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