Well-organized cuisine

Well-organized cuisine

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Morning, noon and evening, the kitchen invites us to prepare breakfast, meals and dinner. Given the time spent daily in this room, it is better that it is well organized! Thanks to smart storage, you save time and make your life considerably easier. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

A hanging glass holder

Leroy Merlin ### This steel wire glass holder is a really smart storage accessory. Fixed under a tall cabinet, neither seen nor known, we store cutlery and crockery discreetly, in addition, they stay close at hand! If you were looking to take up a space-saving challenge, you've won!

A magnetic bar above the credenza

Leroy Merlin ### What if the walls gave us a helping hand in terms of storage? There is an accessory even more practical than the traditional iron bar on which the various kitchen utensils are hung: the magnetic bar. About 10 cm wide, it hangs above the splashback: ladles, spoons and large knives attach themselves to it, quite naturally.

A very discreet tea towel holder

Paragraph ### No more lying cloths! They now find their place on sliding bars that disappear in the kitchen cupboard once used. Or how to combine discreet storage, space saving and practicality.

Sliding corner storage

Leroy Merlin ### Whether it is difficult to access, poorly designed or too deep, the corner of your closet can, against all odds, accommodate a multitude of storage spaces. By attaching sliding trays to it, plunging your arm to the bottom of the cupboard, blindly searching for a kitchen accessory, becomes unnecessary. Everything stored there is now accessible for our greatest happiness!