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20 natural pools that make you dream

20 natural pools that make you dream

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To have a swimming pool that does not denote in the middle of the garden, the natural swimming pool is our favorite option. In addition to blending perfectly into the landscape, it offers us swimming in the middle of aquatic plants in pure water, without chlorine or other chemicals. The possibilities of forms are almost endless, which allows to combine ecology and design in the garden. Japanese garden ambiance, exotic cove or contemporary design: natural pools have nothing to envy to traditional models. The concept tempts you? Here are 20 natural pools, seen in private homes, which are sure to make you dream.


Bionova We really like this square and cut out swimming pool which also has very modern Japanese steps in black metal. A nice alternative to the more conventional rectangular basin.

A natural swimming lane

Philippe Roussille / Concept Elodée This natural water swimming corridor was designed with buried filter beds. It also has a movable bottom, both reassuring and aesthetic (it is positioned a few centimeters below the water in the closed position). Ideal for athletes who want to swim laps, this natural pool is also very elegant and refined.

A natural indoor pool inspired by spas

BioDesignPools Like a luxury spa, this natural pool invites itself inside the house. Large stones surround it to evoke well-being when its green lighting, worked, invites to absolute relaxation.

Japanese atmosphere

Didier Mayet This pool was built to meet the requirements of a Japanese garden lover. Pebbles and wooden perimeter give it a very Zen and aesthetically perfect spirit.

A very modern natural swimming pool, at an angle

O2pool With its very design architecture, this natural swimming pool is designed at an angle. It thus integrates completely into a huge wooden terrace bringing water and its relaxing virtues graphically as close to the house.

A natural swimming pool behind the glass roof

Bionova This contemporary swimming pool has been designed as an extension of the living room. The basin, glued to the house, is separated by a large workshop canopy. The result is superb, both modern and relaxing. A must !

A pontoon on the swimming pool

Aquartiss To believe you are at the other end of the world every day, you opt for a natural swimming pool with a wooden pontoon. And why not add a boat to it, if we have the necessary space?

All in curves

Original Biotop We love the curvaceous shape of this organic swimming pool which had no trouble merging with the nature of the garden. It only remains to install one or two deckchairs.

Two stepped basins

Terraflore This natural swimming pool juxtaposes the swimming pool and that of filtration. We really like the staircase aspect which brings two decorative ambiances to the bathing space. A great idea to combine ecology and decoration.

A Zen corner

David Pagan Butler This natural pool soothes us just by looking at it. The pebbles and large white stones that surround it create a Zen and relaxing atmosphere. We love !

With a wooden ledge

Nature and Prestige You could almost think that this organic swimming pool is a simple above ground wooden swimming pool. But no ! In addition, it bathes in another pool ... 100% natural.

With water lilies

Wilcox A real favorite for this natural swimming pool in which you dream of taking a little dip. With its exposed stones and water lilies, it is a real leap in the middle of nature that you barely leave the house.

On the gravel

Les Jardins d'Yves Girault No, no, this pool did not overflow after a big storm. It is only a natural swimming pool made up of an in-ground space and an area of ​​gravel covered by water and intended for swimming. Original, don't you think?


Original Biotop If you thought you saw a river flowing at the bottom of this castle, you are wrong. It is indeed a natural swimming pool which extends over several m2. Grand, isn't it?

At the foot of a designer house

Original Biotop This ultra design house seems to float on water. It is indeed the natural swimming pool which surrounds it which creates this feeling of "house on the water". Original, right?

In a cove

Biodesign You do not know what to do with this space in the garden where the rock is very present? We have the solution ! Install a natural swimming pool there to create a most delicious private cove.

In an exotic atmosphere

Original Biotop It is not a lake that poetically surrounds this little cabin, but a natural pool with an exotic look. Exotic, don't you think?

Feel by the sea

Waterworld Are you lucky enough to enjoy a magnificent sea view from your garden? And if you send it to yourself by installing a natural pool close to the beach…

A wooden basin with biological filtration

O2pool This natural swimming pool is created from a buried wooden basin, with biological filtration. Thus, confined spaces which cannot accommodate a swimming pool and a filtration tank can also benefit from a natural pool of small width and extremely designed.


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