10 tips for removing pollution from your home

10 tips for removing pollution from your home

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Improving the air quality in their habitat is a priority for sensitive populations. To fight against indoor air pollution, practical and ecological solutions exist. De-polluting plants, materials that absorb VOCs, air purifiers, tiles or carpets ... there are many tips. Focus on ten practical and ecological tips.

Depolluting plants

Christian Morel Flowers and decoration Neutralize the harmful effects of air pollution in your home and clean up your interior with depolluting plants. In addition to decorating your home, they have the power to clean up the ambient air, by absorbing certain harmful substances: tobacco, carbon monoxide, paint, room fragrance ... It would therefore be a shame to deprive yourself of it!

An air purifier

LightAir France Revolutionary and ultra-design, the Lightair air purifier cleans the air by removing all allergenic particles contained in the house and confined spaces: dust, fumes, pollens, bacteria, viruses, animal hair, allergens and other. It attracts the finest particles and cleanses the atmosphere in less than 5 hours. Ecological, the Lightair aims to respect the environment at all levels of production and the life cycle.

One-coat paint

Ripolin Fresh Air brand Ripolin is a new acrylic paint whose innovative formula improves the quality of the ambient air thanks to the photocatalytic effect Result, bad odors and pollutants contained in the atmosphere or emanating from household products or building materials are reduced.

A vegetable air filter

Andrea Ideal for a surface of 40 m2, Andréa is a plant air filter which absorbs and degrades all the pollutions which invade the air of the habitat. The air in the room is thus sucked in thanks to a silent fan and the plant in synergy with the soil filters the air, without emitting ozone and without a filter to change.

A green wall

Gardens of Babylon Purify the air in your home of many domestic pollutants using a plant wall made using depolluting plants. Decorative and practical, it will drastically reduce pollution in your home.

A canvas to paint

Saint-Gobain Responding to current environmental issues, the Novelio CleanAir painting canvas has the particularity of retaining harmful compounds present among others in glues, paints and laminates. Thanks to its strong absorption power of these harmful substances, it makes it possible to clean up the atmosphere and thus to avoid the unpleasantness such as headaches, irritations, asthma, nauseas, faintnesses… And this, with an immediate effectiveness and permanent warranty over 10 years, even after four coats of paint.

An air ionizer

Lightair IonFlow Technology LightAir IonFlow Solution is an air ionizer with a neat and quiet design that purifies the interior of air pollution habitats (pollens, bacteria, viruses, animal hair, smoke, dust, etc.) without take up space. Fixed to the ceiling, it is ideal for preserving healthy air in your home.

Hydraulic lime

Ciments Calcia Proposed by Ciments Calcia, TX Réconal is a hydraulic lime formulated for facing plasters which incorporates a photocatalyst thus giving it a depolluting action.

Carpet capturing fine particles

Desso Desso, specialist in high-end floors, offers an innovative range of carpets that capture and retain harmful substances. Made up of thread filaments, the structure of the carpet retains the smallest particulate matter. By capturing small or large particles, the carpet ultimately creates a purer breathing zone.