My decor at the time of the princely wedding

My decor at the time of the princely wedding

On April 29, the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton will stir the whole of England! And the event is so incredible that it arouses a lot of inspiration in the decor. Here is what to put your decor at the time of the princely wedding…

Bathroom linen

Yves Delorme ### Get out of the bath like the prince and the princess! The bathroom linen displays the names of famous lovers. You will have the impression of being the guests of royalty! At Yves Delorme, 95 euros.

Bed linen

Yves Delorme ### And to sleep like royalty, nothing like the bed linen in the image of the two newlyweds. The pillowcases are in limited series and created exclusively for the royal wedding. At Yves Delorme 75 euros.

The cushions

Chehoma ### With the Edinburgh cushions by Chehoma, it is to royalty as a whole that we pay tribute by remembering the most beautiful marriages of crowned heads. The fabric undeniably reminds of England for a guaranteed British atmosphere! Price 108 euros.

Tea bags

Fleux ### What would England be without tea time? But for the princely wedding, have tea with the royal family! The "Royauthé" tea bags represent Charles, Camilla, the Queen, William and Harry. All you have to do is put them in your cup. 9.50 euros for 5 at Fleux.