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Outdoor kitchens that make you want

Outdoor kitchens that make you want

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With the arrival of summer, the garden and the terrace become real living spaces that can be arranged as indoors. Garden furniture, dining room and relaxation areas are now joined by the outdoor kitchen which makes our lives easier. Functional and aesthetic, the latter allows us to make the most of sunny days. Here are 10 to inspire you.

In stainless steel

Fuego Like professional kitchens, this immaculate stainless steel outdoor kitchen is installed in the garden. It is sure to have a little effect with your guests.

With crazy charm

Architectural Digest A real favorite for this outdoor kitchen installed along the house. Placed on a white wooden terrace and composed of light furniture, it is a real haven of peace in the garden.


Leroy Merlin Take advantage of the pergola you have installed to slide in a practical outdoor kitchen. When you invite people, this arrangement allows you not to lose a crumb of what is said at the table.

On the balcony The outdoor kitchen invites itself even on the balcony for our greatest pleasure. This piece of furniture suspended in a vacuum accommodates the plancha, while a storage cupboard finds its place in the base of the terrace.

All in length

Archello To enjoy an outdoor kitchen, you can also opt for a long arrangement along the wall that separates you from the neighbors. No space is lost and you can fully enjoy your pretty wooden terrace.


Le Clos Saint-Paul Old farms often have a barn where you don't always know what to do. We suggest that you install a nice outdoor kitchen which will also benefit from the roof to be protected.

By the swimming pool

Arclinea It almost looks like a vacation with this outdoor kitchen located right in front of the swimming pool. We don't know you, but we would very much invite a chef to prepare delicious meals while we enjoy a good bath.

Even in winter

Weltevree And to enjoy the outdoor kitchen even in winter, you opt for a wood stove that you install in the middle of the garden. Who said eating below 10 degrees was impossible?


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