Storage units are getting taller

Storage units are getting taller

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The 1930s attempted a breakthrough in decoration. And one of the consequences of this movement is the storage furniture which turns into superb furniture all in height. With the allure of showcases, high sideboards or shelves, they impose their elegance of style and the delicacy of their slender lines in decoration.

Scandinavian buffet

Ikea After the Scandinavian row, it's time for a buffet. And to perfectly fit into the trend, prefer a wood finish in a medium tone reminiscent of the 1930s.

The return of the glass cabinet

Ikea The showcase has come back. Raised on a wooden base, its glass surface is underlined by a lemon yellow frame to welcome and highlight your favorite objects.

A vitamin buffet

Fly Favorite decor for this high piece of furniture, composed of drawers of different dimensions. In a shades of light blues, it is a successful remix of the Scandinavian row in height.

Drawers to the ceiling

Ikea In its simplest form, this piece of furniture consists of drawers that offer a veined wood finish for a resolutely vintage style.

Furniture gets higher and higher

Orla Kiely Fifties allure The kitchen is up to date with this buffet from the designer Orla Kiely, who likes to revisit the 50s and 60s.

In a convenient version

Bloomingville Even the dresser has not escaped this new wave. We like the porcelain handles with different patterns that adorn each drawer.

A taller and more practical storage unit

ikea When furniture takes on height it is to provide additional storage. Here, the furniture offers a first floor composed of drawers and a second, shelves that can be closed with solid doors.

An industrial spirit piece of furniture

Bemz The industrial spirit has not escaped the trend. This high shelf alternates metal drawers and shelves that lighten it visually. Both practical and very stylish, it offers a beautiful storage space without being bulky.