10 decorative makeovers around the glass

10 decorative makeovers around the glass

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Glass has evolved: today it resists heat, it is easier to clean, it is worked differently ... all the more reason to invite it to come home. Major renovations or small decor, we adapt it to all styles and all budgets. A quick overview of the possibilities with glass.


Castorama If your architecture allows, do not hesitate! We break down the walls and we offer large picture windows. We gain an unexpected luminosity and that allows us to bring the garden inside.

The green hand

Ikéa These plant pots are suitable for your decor. Consisting of two parts, you rotate the pot inside so that the second reveals the chosen color. You can change the mood in the blink of an eye.

Light the fire

Ikéa To give an intimate and romantic touch to the garden, we do not hesitate to have small glass candle holders everywhere. It also brightens the evenings with friends.

Door open

Ikea Accidents behind the door quickly happened. To avoid this we choose a door whose center is glazed. We gain in brightness and impression of space.

At table

Ikéa Coffee table or table for dinner, aperitif or lunch all excuses are good to crack on a glass table. We place it in the middle of the room and make it the star of the show.

Flowery interior

Ikéa We accumulate glass vases, whether transparent or tinted. We can thus play with floral combinations and the decor evolves.

In the bedroom

Ikéa In the bedroom, a pretty display case can highlight a piece of furniture. Here you can store your household linen but you can also have souvenirs and trinkets on display there.

Glass brick

Lapeyre In coating, glass can also be a solution. Glass bricks allow you to gain brightness without being seen. Convenient in the bathroom or for interiors that have a storefront.

Chic interior

Maison du monde For a designer interior, we love a lamp with a glass base. The combination of transparency and black goes well together.