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The garden plays the originality card

The garden plays the originality card

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Don't want to have the same garden as your neighbors? The editorial staff has selected for you what is most original in terms of garden. Colors, shapes and patterns play with us to create unique outdoor atmospheres.

Cross Furniture

Botanic Thanks to the stackable aluminum structure of this armchair, you save storage space. Very comfortable, we love the geometric lines that this openwork garden chair draws.


Hesperide To rest by the pool or on the terrace in style, we invest in this hanging chair. Between weightlessness and idleness, you will enjoy the summer in peace.

I see life in color

Hesperide The grass is green, the swimming pool is blue, the sun is yellow ... but your parasol shines in all colors. It succeeds in combining protection for the whole family thanks to its large size and colorful originality.

Yellow chick

Leroy merlin Adding color is also possible with suitable garden furniture. Here we choose a deep yellow to wake up the atmosphere. Practical, the benches are in fact hidden storage.

Pop garden

Castorama Covered with elastic cords, this armchair will seduce as much for its originality as for its comfort. We choose it in strong colors like anise green or fuchsia for a pop and festive atmosphere.

Lively garden

Maison du monde In the evening, we personalize our garden with lanterns of all colors. We then create an intimate but playful atmosphere despite everything, to enjoy the long summer evenings with friends.

Outdoor comfort

Castorama It is not because you are outside that you should forget about your comfort. This garden furniture will easily integrate into an elegant and modern decor. The coffee table acts as a storage chest, the metal structure is a wood imitation and the cushions are removable.

Make her star

The redoubt If you want to laze in the sun, while keeping your fashion victim side, the editorial staff recommends this cinema-style armchair. We like its quirky side which mixes professional chair and outdoor personal use.

Graphic garden

Leroy Merlin In white and black the garden becomes very graphic. These plastic chairs stack and clean quickly. With their integrated handles, they can be moved everywhere without problems.


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