The futon-style bench seat has it all

The futon-style bench seat has it all

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Do you want an out of the ordinary sofa? You can then turn to the benches made from futons and floor cushions. Relaxed and original, they offer a friendly and comfortable lounge. Presentation in 10 images.

Ethnic sofa

Maisons du monde For an ethnic and warm atmosphere, we create a sofa bench in warm colors using many floor cushions that will allow you to adjust the height of your bench but also to change its shape by creating for example a side meridian.

An oriental style bench seat

Maisons du monde Do you want a fair that travels to the Maghreb? Bet on the futon benches for a very convivial low living room whose good size will accommodate the whole family. Design detail: embroidered patterns that give an oriental style to the futons.

An exotic bench

Maisons du monde For an exotic atmosphere, know that the bench also works! We then choose it in bright colors like blue and green for a feeling of freshness and elsewhere!

An industrial bench

Maisons du monde If the traditional sofa is too classic for your industrial atmosphere, you can break the codes by offering yourself a futon bench. Two futons are stacked directly on the floor and cushions are added for the backrest. All in a raw fabric.

A more classic bench

3 Suisses If you want the comfort of futon benches but prefer a less relaxed style, you can opt for a wooden structure that will accommodate a single layer of futon.

A bench for a sober style

La Redoute Finally, if you want a sober bench, play the card of dark and trendy color like brown and match the cushions so as to create a unity.

A bench in a studio

Maisons du monde In a small space, the bench will be very useful because it will also allow you to offer an extra bed for guests, for example. You remove the cushions from the backrest and you get a kind of single bed.

A convertible futon bench

La Redoute This bench takes up the BZ system while offering a futon look and comfort. When you unfold the bench, the futon will then act as a mattress.

An outdoor bench

Maisons du monde Outside, too, the cushion spirit works and you will find garden furniture made of rattan or woven resin which are dressed in large cushions for both the seat and the backrest.