With the Fly 2013 - 2014 collection, summer is all year round!

With the Fly 2013 - 2014 collection, summer is all year round!

If summer has two more months ahead of us, we have already thought about extending it. How? 'Or' What ? With the new Fly 2013 -2014 collection of course! Its good looks and pretty colors have swapped the traditional back-to-school blues to open up an azure blue sky in the house, even after the holidays. Rest assured, summer has even more room in front of it than you imagine. Because with this dainty collection, he settles down with us and stays there all year!

Spring forever

Fly Pink red flat in the background, flower vase, sky blue sofa, nomadic chair in the spotlight: in this freshly tinted living room, the spring / summer season lasts all year round.

Pastel museum

Fly Usually, we don't like being put in boxes. But when it comes to exhibiting divine staging from vases, lamps, candlesticks, suspensions and bowls, we are "surlike".

Inspiration elsewhere

Fly Boosting the center of the living room, this multicolored rug adds its dose of pep sparked by the colorful candlesticks of the coffee table, the green corner chair, the pink pull-out table and the architecture of the place. As an invitation to escape and get away from it all!

Trendy mail organizer

Fly The new entry must-have, it's him! A sleek maxi mail holder since it is drawn under a simple mouse gray strip, and perched in its nest, envelopes, postcards and colorful notebooks!

Party cushions

Fly On the back of the padded headboard, gentlemen the cushions make their show, and there is something for everyone: very soft, tie & dye, starry blues, knittedā€¦ Everyone has their must-have!

Light cocoon

Fly This is a quiet space that invites relaxation in all poetry. A few cushions on the floor for the cocoon side, a low gray wooden cabinet decorated with a copper architect's lamp and graphic chandeliers, and we are good at sewing for hours on end!

Wall collection

Fly Arty clock, girly lamp and punchy accessories form in unison, a pretty wall frame, nothing enchanting. Not true ?

With an air of sixties

Fly Back to the sixties! The secret of this time machine? 60s style patterns on the wallpaper and a very retro seat. As for the destructured shelf playing with shades of blue, it is the contemporary touch that brings us back to reality.