Pebbles in the decor

Pebbles in the decor

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After the river banks and the Atlantic coast, pebbles are now piling up in our homes! A touch of well-being very trendy in the decoration which never stops declining in all forms: in tiles, in wall frieze, in object, in carpet or simply in its original form. You choose…

Poufs in the shape of pebbles

Smarin ### In a momentum back to nature, even the poufs are transformed into oversized pebbles. Their rounded shapes 100% clothed in wool invite you to settle comfortably in the living room, while their sizes with variable geometry form a very aesthetic composition which transports us to the beach.

Real pebbles to decorate the bathroom

Espace Aubade ### Since the smooth and rounded shape of the pebbles inspires so much decoration, why not directly expose these small rock fragments in their original form? In the bathroom, an elegant line of pebbles drawn under the tall units or around the bathtub highlights the Zen and relaxing spirit of the room. White, gray, pink or black, it's up to you to choose the color of the pebbles that will best match your interior!

A wall frieze of pebbles

Lapeyre ### The pebbles also decorate the walls. Halfway between natural and modern decor, the wall friezes decorated with small pebbles enhance the space and set the tone. Here, one breathes well-being straight from the Breton beaches. It gives ideas…

A carpet made of tufted wool pebbles

Goal ### As the cold days are fast approaching, we surround ourselves with soft rugs to warm the decor. But they don't necessarily have to be sheepskin! Here, this assembly of pebbles in tufted wool delicately placed on the ground is a perfect choice if you want to infuse the living room with a note of natural sweetness.