A dressing area in a small bedroom

A dressing area in a small bedroom

When you don't have the space to install a large, voluminous dressing room in the bedroom, you can always turn to ingenious ideas to organize your wardrobe with minimal space. Small overview.

A dressing area in a small bedroom

Ikéa Place a dressing area in a large storage closet ### In a small bedroom, the dressing area could well find its place in an XXL storage area. In other words, store clothes next to work files, DIY accessories or bed linen. Everything in one place to free up the room!

A walk-in closet

Leroy Merlin ### Embedded in the wall, these dressings make you forget the decor. Did you say smart storage and space optimization?

One or two dressers for storing the wardrobe

Ikéa ### Tall cabinets do not have a monopoly on the wardrobe. Against all expectations, the dressers prove to be a practical way to store jeans, sweaters, tank tops and underwear. Above the clothes wisely listed in a series of drawers, there is a space to put books, decorative objects and trinkets and a wall space welcoming paintings or shelves. We're breathing!

Corner cabinet

Goal ### Thanks to this corner wardrobe installed in a corner of the room, clothes and shoes are well organized without losing more than 2 square meters. Discreet and smart the wardrobe!