Kitchen: 20 decor ideas with paint

Kitchen: 20 decor ideas with paint

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Painting is the best friend of all decoration lovers. It is synonymous with colors and personalized ambiance. The paint is used in all rooms of the house, on the walls, the ceiling and sometimes even on the furniture. Today, painting invites itself into the kitchen and delights us! Here is a colorful slideshow to get 20 decor ideas for cooking with paint.

Pastel kitchen furniture

Leroy Merlin Pastel shades are more trendy than ever. They invade the whole house to give a soft and soothing style to a room. It is ideal for home cooking, especially if you are used to cooking regularly or eating meals there.

A total black look

Ikea The height of chic par excellence, black walls are a sure bet in the kitchen, provided the room is well lit. Preferably choose a mat color, the lacquered finish was more suitable for storage furniture. The little extra? It's much less messy!

White, a sure bet

Ikea Sometimes it doesn't take much to brighten up a dark room or bring a slightly dull kitchen back to life. The proof, a simple stroke of white paint will be much more effective than having to wear out washing a slightly worn-out layer of paint.

Choose your favorite color

Conforama If you want to have a kitchen that looks like you, dare to repaint it entirely in a shade that you particularly like, obviously checking that it will be in harmony with your storage elements. Result: no risk of getting bored and you will have the impression of having redone your entire room.

Mondrian cuisine

SoCoo'c The new SoCoo'c kitchen collection is inspired by the famous painter Mondrian and his three dominant colors: white, yellow, red and blue. Create an arty and colorful space by painting certain parts of your walls differently and playing on the fronts of the cupboards.

Alternate subjects

Ikea If you have a brick wall, a slate splashback or in a raw material or a wooden worktop, wall paint is the ideal material to create a nice contrast in texture and give your kitchen character.

Paint your credenza

Lo Architectes This immaculate kitchen immediately catches the eye on the credenza. And for good reason, it is painted in the orange color signed by the house Hermès. What boost your work plan and have a chic piece in the blink of an eye.

Playing with shapes and colors

Castorama To give personality to your kitchen, play the painters by creating original shapes and different colors on the walls. A word of advice, experiment before tackling the piece and use tape to delimit each shape and not overflow.

A waxed concrete effect

So Inox Waxed concrete is THE trend of the moment and especially behind the stove. Economical and attractive, it is also easy to clean. If you want to give your kitchen a facelift without renovating it entirely, simply repaint the splashback in gray. Guaranteed effect!

A shade of gray

Ikea Here is a very pretty kitchen where all the shades of gray meet. The doors, windows and furniture each have their gray color. When the decorative elements are displayed in white and black, the perfect marriage!


Dulux Valentine Here is a kitchen that has it all. Here, the furniture, the walls and the door have been tinted with bright and cheerful colors. We love the combination of colors and the checkered tablecloth which adds a warm and traditional touch. A success !


Marchi Cucine Here you discover a cuisine that does not lack character! It is very well highlighted thanks to sober colors of off-white and green which bring a natural touch as we like them.

Childish pleasure

Conforama What if you could draw on your walls? You are not dreaming, it is possible. Today, all major brands sell blackboard effect paints which can then be written in chalk. As practical as it is regressive!

Winning duo

Dulux Valentine In this kitchen, two completely opposite colors are united: eggplant violet and water green. The eggplant violet is ideal for bringing a touch of good humor to the kitchen while the water green goes perfectly with the white while circulating the light. A winning duo!

Brick red

Nobilia In this ultra modern kitchen where white and stainless steel reign supreme, the brick red wall brings a touch of warmth while highlighting the colors of the kitchen.


Dulux Valentine Here is a very colorful cuisine! Here it is the central island which was painted with very flashy colors. A nice idea for those who no longer support their desperately white cuisine.


Ikea Here you discover a very dark kitchen. However, the walls were also painted with dark colors! This ingenious idea brings out the clever touches of color placed on the furniture and chairs.


Ikea We don't always think green for a kitchen and yet it is one of the best choices. Here you discover a kitchen that combines white and wood and which is highlighted by walls painted in light green.

Bright yellow

Dulux Valentine Painting a single wall in your kitchen with a bright color is ideal for putting a touch of originality in the kitchen. Here is a nice example from Dulux Valentine.


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