A greenhouse full of charm to enhance your garden

A greenhouse full of charm to enhance your garden

The pleasure of having a garden is also to maintain and organize it. There are a thousand and one ways to personalize it: potted plants, small vegetable patch, flowerbed ... but have you thought of the greenhouse? In maximum or minimum size, it adapts to all surfaces and all budgets. Here are 30 models of greenhouses to enhance your garden!

A half greenhouse full of charm

Maison du Monde If you don't have enough space to install a greenhouse with standard dimensions, don't panic: there are many models of half-greenhouses to install against a wall!

A glass greenhouse

My garden greenhouse Create one more room in your garden, by adding a pretty glass greenhouse under which you will install your garden furniture. Perfect to extend the summer!

A mini greenhouse in color

Oogarden To protect your plants when temperatures drop, there are many models of shelves with covers that are easy to install, at a low price. In addition, these small greenhouses bring the pop color touch that we all love!

On a low wall

Greenhouses and garden Halfway between the greenhouse and the veranda, more luxurious models of greenhouses are posed on a wall attached to your house: a perfect solution to create a chic and cozy atmosphere.

A dome of greenery

Garden and season Practical and original, we opt for a light and removable domed model to create a bubble of greenery in the garden.

Pure charm

Greenhouses of Yesteryear We fall for a pretty, colorful greenhouse with a romantic style that will instantly create a poetic atmosphere in your garden!

A greenhouse made of solid wood

My garden greenhouse Optimize your garden by choosing a wooden greenhouse that will allow you to store your outdoor furniture once summer is over.

Minimalist and transparent

Ikea Play with space and volumes using small individual greenhouses for your plants. Transparent, they will highlight them while protecting them from bad weather.

Your little Versailles

Serres d'Antan Combine the charm of picture windows and a stone or brick wall to create a charming winter garden. We opt for white uprights to give even more charm to this new living space.

A double-use greenhouse

Christophe Greenhouse's greenhouses Half a greenhouse to protect your plants with large windows and a closed storage space for your tools, make your greenhouse the new asset of your garden.

Simplicity and efficiency

Delamaison Low price and efficiency, choose a fully transparent greenhouse model in polycarbonate to optimize the growth of your plants and crops. Ideal for tasting your fruits and vegetables a few weeks in advance.

Design and trend

Greenhouses of yesteryear Install a greenhouse with a unique original structure and immediately give a trendy and design touch to your garden.

Indoor garden

Ikea You don't have a garden or a balcony? Create your small interior garden with a mini greenhouse. Cacti or aromatic plants, your options are numerous and add a warm atmosphere to your interior.

Gothic chic

Greenhouses and garden Arrange a beautiful table, pretty dishes, the whole sublimated by warm lighting, and create in your greenhouse a perfect dining room to extend your summer evenings!

A veranda greenhouse perfect for an artist studio

My garden greenhouse The industrial trend is inviting in your garden with an aluminum conservatory greenhouse and tempered glass. Ideal for setting up a small artist studio!

For mini spaces

La Redoute Even the smallest spaces are entitled to their greenhouse! We then opt for a low model that will perfectly house our most fragile plants during the winter.

Victorian greenhouse

My garden greenhouse Customize your greenhouse by offering it a unique roof. An example in pictures with this Victorian style greenhouse!

A dose of sun

Oogarden Give your sensitive plants their dose of sunshine by installing a small, attached polycarbonate greenhouse. You will protect them from the cold while enjoying their color and beauty.

A large horticultural greenhouse

Leroy Merlin Create a small Garden of Eden for your fruit trees by installing a large horticultural greenhouse. You will prolong your harvests while protecting them from the first frosts.

Your greenhouse vegetable garden

Botanic For very large areas, this greenhouse will allow you to grow vegetables that require a lot of heat and light. You have the vegetable garden of your dreams!

A flowered greenhouse shelf

Delamaison Ideal for storing a few pots of flowers and plants, this small greenhouse with aluminum structure is discreetly installed behind the house.

Vintage style

Maison du monde Very chic, the metal greenhouse takes on its full meaning in a landscaped garden surrounded by potted boxwood. Installed under an olive tree, it becomes the perfect place for a candlelit dinner.

Your little cottage The charm of English gardens is incomparable. Fruit trees and tomato plants will flourish in this charming metal greenhouse that you can install in front of the house.

A kiosk

Castorama For a chic romantic spirit, opt for the gazebo-shaped greenhouse that you will install directly on the lawn, in the middle of the garden. It is large enough to accommodate fruit trees that particularly like heat.

The touch of color

Botanic Often green or black, the structures of new greenhouses change color. Do you want originality? Choose your greenhouse in red. Install it in a corner of the garden to maintain an overall harmony and surprise friends and neighbors when they visit your property.

Romanticism in the garden Charming and spacious, this greenhouse blends into any garden. It can of course accommodate your potted plants but also becomes an extension of the house by installing armchairs and tables.

A teak greenhouse Aesthetic, practical and resistant, teak is the perfect structure for a garden greenhouse. Watch how wood blends perfectly into the environment.

A winter garden greenhouse Back-to-back with the house, one places there its fragile flowers or its aromatic plants. Its dark metal structure modernizes the architectures of the most classic houses.

A garden in the living room

Botanic When you do not have a large garden but you are still lucky enough to have a bit of greenery or a terrace, small greenhouses are ideal. Placed on a teak or hanging table, you can grow aromatic plants or wild strawberries. It's the little "countryside" touch of urban interiors.