10 lamps emblematic of design

10 lamps emblematic of design

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The lamp is an exercise in style that all designers try out. In wood or metal, minimalist or complex, in suspension or on foot, lamps exist in all forms. A quick overview of the most emblematic creations.


Fly Work of a young designer and edited by Fly this lamp is made of painted metal. The idea is to create a real personal space around it, where you can store glasses, books and pencils… Everything you need for a moment of relaxation.

Luminous monument

Fly Rather impressive, the Quartz lamp is cut like a rough diamond. In white or black, it is placed directly on the ground to create an industrial atmosphere thanks to its metallic mesh.

Wall light

Ikea Equipped with LED technology, its flat head allows this wall lamp to fold against the wall, when nobody is using it. It is also less energy-consuming than a conventional light bulb.

Envoile yourself

Ingo Maurer As a call to freedom, this lamp equipped with two wings seems to float in the air. Two stiffened wires provide the current necessary for its operation and ensure its air stability.


La redoute Between the tripod and the bedside lamp, this creation by La Redoute seems to be able to move forward on its own. Its minimalist wooden design will easily integrate into an interior with Nordic decor.


Stockholm House Inspired by unflattering outdoor lamps, this lamp takes up the idea of ​​a grid surrounding the bulb. Transposed to a more modern version, it is gaining a very trendy industrial dimension.

Luminous arch

Castiglioni With its marble base, the Arco lamp by designer Achille Castiglioni, gains in elegance. Its thin metal arch supports the sober design of the object.

Wild nature

Louis Poulsen The dozens of leaves that make up this lamp are so many surfaces that reflect light and thus further illuminate. Between pine cone and artichoke, this creation is clearly inspired by nature.

Vintage atmosphere

Gae Aulenti Published in 1965, the Pipistrello lamp by designer Gae Aulenti is inspired by the silhouette of a bat. Art Nouveau style, you can install it without problems in a vintage and elegant interior.