Vivaraise presents its new spring-summer 2014 products

Vivaraise presents its new spring-summer 2014 products

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This summer, the Vivaraise household linen editor is spoiling us with new products full of charm! Subtle marriage of carefully selected materials and bright or more pastel colors, discover our favorite selection to spend a cozy and colorful summer!

A room with Mediterranean accents

Pierrick Verny / Vivaraise First crush on the white Tom throw in light cotton, which gives it a particularly soft texture. And for the touch of color, we add the bright Leto plaid, in pure merino wool. Final touch of this atmosphere? Pretty Yalda cushions embroidered by hand, 100% cotton woven by hand and ultra decorative yellow tassels! Tom throw - white 120 euros Plaid Leto - yellow 159 euros Yalda cushion - Sunflower 40 euros

An Iris terry towel

Pierrick Verny / Vivaraise And, after swimming, wrap yourself in Iris, a multicolored terry towel, 100% cotton and fringed finish. Something to be at the top on the beach or by the pool. Iris sponge shower sheet 27 euros Iris sponge bath sheet 50 euros

Brightly colored throw blankets

Pierrick Verny / Vivaraise This summer, Vivaraise is spoiling us with Zia, colorful throws! Face side? A light cotton veil. And on the stack side? A viscose veil. All finished by hand. You choose from the pop colors - from top to bottom: ruby, pumpkin, yellow, meadow, turtledove, chalk or white. Zia bed throw 204 euros

A room between soft tones and colorful patterns

Pierrick Verny / Vivaraise In addition to the Gastounet quilt, made by manual quilting and with satin satin tassels on the sides, it is the Nirta pillowcase, in embroidered woolen threads and its pretty colorful patterns that particularly appeals to us. Gastounet quilt 275 euros Nirta pillowcase - chalk color 75 euros

Colorful cushions

Pierrick Verny / Vivaraise It is a multitude of colors that dress Robin, pretty satin cushions, and covered with linen. Between poppy, fuchsia, orange, ocean and navy, there is something for everyone! Robin cushion 34 euros


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