Unusual: the decor dripping

Unusual: the decor dripping

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The decor is all about humor this time. Find in our slideshow, these everyday objects reviewed by some big names in design to add a playful touch. It flows, it melts, it drips, the decor makes us laugh and dream and that's good.

Floating lamp

Christian Ghion The floating lamp has been reviewed many times. Here all dressed in black, its purple base reflects the light and creates a subdued atmosphere.

Trompe-l'oeil coat hook

Pulpo Like a real drip on the wall, you no longer have to worry about repainting the room. This trompe-l'oeil coat hook will allow you to hang your coats in an original way.

Candle holder

Paul Loebach The candle holders by designer Paul Loebach give the impression of melting at the same speed as the candles they support. However it is not, you can reuse them as often as you wish.

As in painting

John Nouanesing The table, once again, revisited by a designer. Here it is John Nouanesing who shows this work of art as composed of 100% paint, which would have hardened.

Spot lamp

Kyouei Design It sinks and yet it continues to stand. Technical feat for this lamp which really seems to spread on the ground, to be placed on a table to surprise its guests.


Atypyk To deceive your friends at the table, bet on this puddle effect coaster. Nightmare of maniacs and awkward people, it will make more than one laugh!

In the bathroom

Forever Sticker Because doing laundry is not always very funny, we change our ideas with this sticker which overflows from the drum. No need to mop this time, no water leak in sight.


The Danish shop This time, the table no longer flows, but really floats. Inspired by traditional magic, this transparent table seems to be a simple fabric floating in the middle of the living room.

Spilled cup

Yeongwoo Kim If you could stop time every time you spill your cup of coffee, that's what it could do. We do not know if Yeongwoo Kim was inspired by this idea, but we would have arranged it more than once.