Candles: the 10 trendy smells of summer

Candles: the 10 trendy smells of summer

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Violet, orange blossom, fig, verbena, white flowers, lily, white musk, marine and sunny notes, sweet and sweet notes… So many trendy smells and scents that smell good in summer! Let yourself be inspired by our 10 favorite candles and breathe, you are in summer!

A hint with Mediterranean accents

Compagnie de Provence Immerse yourself in the freshness of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea with this candle with marine and sunny notes. Most ? Clean packaging in a pretty blue color that will bring a touch of color to your interior. 18.90 euros

A candle with soft and sweet notes

Compagnie de Provence Subtle marriage of soft and sweet notes, between white flowers and red fruits, this candle is a real invitation to travel. To feel urgent! 18.90 euros

A sea mist candle

Durance Handcrafted and decorated in the brand's workshops in Grignan, this Durance scented candle offers exceptional know-how and unexpected scents. Between the freshness of the marine notes and the elegance of the woody notes typical of the seaside, let yourself be seduced by this candle that will perfume your interior for 40 hours. 14.90 euros

A candle with the scent of white flowers

L'Occitane Light this pretty candle and it's a real white bouquet with delicately powdery notes that flourishes in your home. Warm atmosphere guaranteed! 17 euros

A violet candle

La Redoute for 20 hours, this candle will perfume your interior with a sweet sweet smell, similar to that of a bouquet of violets with pink tones. 8.10 euros

A candle with fig flavors

La Redoute And to recreate the smell of holidays on the Mediterranean coast at home, you just need to light this scented candle with the fruity scents of a fig just picked. 18 euros

A cotton candle of yesteryear

Comptoir de Famille Besides a retro packaging as desired, Comptoir de Famille offers a large candle with past accents. Harmoniously mixing lilies, sandalwood and white musk, immerse yourself in the scents of yesteryear. 15.99 euros

A candle with orange blossom

Comptoir de Famille Here is a gourmet candle! In addition to an elegant scent of orange blossom, it is the small glass jar reminiscent of our grandmothers' jams, which particularly seduces us. 16 euros

A candle with the scent of a Sunday in the countryside

Comptoir de Famille Desires for Sunday in the countryside? Perfect ! We have unearthed a candle that diffuses green and flowery notes, worthy of long walks in nature. Breathe, you travel! 15.99 euros