Decorating ideas around the pool

Decorating ideas around the pool

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How good it is to lounge around by the pool and let yourself be lulled by the clatter of water. A veritable new room in the house, the pool area is now carefully planned. So to highlight this oasis of freshness and make it the most popular decor spot in the house, here are 20 ideas to inspire you. The surroundings of your swimming pool will be of the most beautiful effect!

A terrace highlighted around the swimming pool

Woodline Why not bet on a raised terrace around the pool so as to enhance these two elements and make them the decorative assets of your garden? We will then opt for an above-ground swimming pool and a wooden terrace for a successful effect.

A garden tent by the pool

Alexander Rose Planning to spend the summer by the pool? Know that you can accessorize it with many pieces of furniture but for a touch of originality, it is towards the garden tent that we must turn. Living room or canopy bed, it offers shaded space during hot summer days and gives a new dimension to the surroundings of your swimming pool.

Small decorative winks

Leo Le Pirate A playful touch here and there, here is the trend of this summer for your pool. And as the flamingo is also part of the summer trends, we adopt it at the water's edge also with this model to put on your terrace.

An arbor to delimit spaces

Swimming pool Because the swimming pool is often accompanied by a garden furniture to extend the idleness, we accessorize the latter with an arbor which will help you materialize the two spaces while providing you with a much appreciated shade corner.

Shade sails for the dining area

Sun & Vela For more lightness and originality, you can also replace the arbor with shade sails. The decor tip? Superimpose two different color models for a very contemporary graphic result.

A changing tanning area

Desjoyaux Are you tired of your deckchairs not being highlighted on the edge of your pool? Then use a different floor covering to materialize a tanning area in addition to your terrace. This summer, we love cement tiles for a graphic and colorful style.

A landscaped swimming pool border

Diffazur Rather than surround your pool with a terrace, use this arrangement on one side only and use the rest of the surface to provide yourself with a landscaped pool with small shrubs. What give you the feeling of swimming in nature.

Very Zen terrace surroundings

Caron What if you give style to your pool surroundings by opting for a landscaped Zen-style garden? A few white pebbles on either side of the pool, Japanese steps to create an alley in the lawn and you will obtain a contemporary Japanese style.

A staged pool

Caron Since the swimming pool will undoubtedly be the center of attention this summer, organize your terrace accordingly! You can use a raised coping decorated with cushions to create a relaxation area and lanterns for decoration. The original decor tip: you can use the fence walls to add a touch of sunny color.

A blue pool decor

Point P Here, the decoration around the pool echoes the turquoise blue of the water. Cushions, dishes, accessories take on the hues of water and contrast nicely with the light beige siding, with hyphen the chocolate brown braided furniture.

A very white decor

Maisons du Monde The height of chic, bet on a white decor around the pool. Deckchair cushions, luminous balls, floor are chosen in white to enhance the surrounding blue.

Make way for color

Maisons du Monde In summer, we want colors. So offer a festival of colors around the pool and give pride of place to colors that you would not dare inside. Fuchsia pink, orange, lemon yellow, overseas blue and apple green take place on the terrace.

Surround your pool with multicolored candles

Piscinella Enchant your pool by surrounding it with candles in warm colors. Red, orange and yellow bring out the blue of the pool to set it up nicely after dark.

Like a real living room

Maisons du Monde In summer, we live more outside the house than inside the house. So to take full advantage of sunny days, we advise you to arrange your garden and the surroundings of your swimming pool in the manner of a real living room. And go free! Your checklist: a sofa, a carpet, armchairs and cushions!

Zen by the pool

Piscinella Be zen and take full advantage of the well-being provided by the swimming pool by decorating its rim with a stone Buddha that does not fear bad weather and by equipping it with a soothing fountain.

As in Saint-Trop '

Maisons du Monde Enhance your pool by playing the design card. Egg-shaped hanging armchair for lounging in the shade, deckchair with contemporary lines for comfortably sunbathing are waiting for your new decor.

Do not break with the environment

Maisons du Monde Decorate your space near the swimming pool by adapting to the environment. Like here, play the exotic card and make the surrounding nature resonate. Braided furniture, wooden terrace and gray cushions go perfectly with the garden.

Evening light

Piscinella Enchant your garden and your swimming pool by illuminating it. It will be the theater of all attentions. Leds, spotlights, candles light up every corner of the garden while the interior of the swimming pool has exceptional colors thanks to the specific lighting which gives it a magical aspect!

Wild beauty

Maisons du Monde Galloping comes naturally with this wooden garden furniture which adds a gentle harmony to the surroundings of the pool. A nice balance between the warmth of the wood, the freshness of the water and the beauty of the landscape.